VOLTAR is a company dedicated to export, import and trade of items for all types of businesses and enterprises.

We collect for you the best professionals related to the specific needs, including trade specialists in all areas of sales and marketing, besides resources to provide the items and foreign sales.

Our will is to provide a complete service for sales worldwide.

We have a diverse network of international suppliers, so that you can expect a wide range of variants for the same product, either in terms of their characteristics, quality, quantity, price, etc ...

At the same time, this international structure allows us to work with a greater volume of transactions and therefore, we can act as a purchasing center, ensuring the best prices, best terms and conditions and therefore the best possible service.

We want to reach the possible and formal customers safely and with the best guarantees in the markets.

We develop plans of exclusive sales taking advantage of known channels and we also know about the markets where we operate, mostly in AFRICA, always with the premise of integrating our products into the customer's business to take part of the project as a trading partner.


  • Import – Export

    We import and export all kinds of products, including: building materials, food and packaging products.

  • Advisory and Intermediation

    We advise companies and perform brokerage services for all types of procedures including expansion and internationalization.